ChamberGroup of Companies, managing a chain of 7 companies that has rounded 18 years of experience in managing and operating food establishments across diverse offerings.
A cosy bar that housed you through countless nights of partying with whiskeys and bottomless glasses of pinots. Just sit back and watch your favourites on large screens, televised entertainment on both rugby and football for many.
The Chamber Holds a deep respect for the food cooked daily by preparing them with locally sourced produce for that tasty recipe to pair both brew and wine lovers to perfection.
The Chamber I @ Robertson Walk
Established and patented in year 1998, Chamber Food & Entertainment’s vision is to create a unique drinking and dining experience for both Singaporean and Tourist. Aims to transcend the boundaries of conventional service and entertainment by providing unparalleled experiences.
The Chamber I has quickly gained reputation as a hangout of choice for soccer fanatics.Match nights are exceptionally exciting and lively, when hordes of soccer fanatics chant and chorus to the highs and lows of the game. Nothing quite beats the experience of enjoying a chilled beer while egging on your team amidst a roaring crowd of like-minded soccer enthusiasts.
The Chamber II @ Capital Square
Global Alliance Holdings Pte Ltd established in year 2003, along with Marquee at Capital Square. The Chamber II took over the 7 years old Marquee when it underwent a complete makeover in 2010.
Being the official home ground for Manchester United Fans in Singapore after Devils’s Bar, The Chamber II also plays host to flocks of Red Devils roaming in on weekends to catch live football matches. Visitors may notice The Chamber II’s distinct glass-spike roof as they tread down the stretch. The canopy structure contrasts delicately with the surrounding eclecticism and draw crowds of this charming venue.
The Open Grill @ Robertson Walk
Chamber Food & Entertainment’s latest brain child, The Open Grill located at Robertson Walk courtyard, is anchored upon a contemporary take on the classic European menu- one that packs an explosion of flavours with an exotic flair. From provocative French nuances, flavour-rich Mediterranean grilling styles, fresh from the bay Australian selections to the refreshing Asian finishing touches.
The Open Grill’s black-and-white tiled interior exudes a sleek grandeur that’s timeless and elegant. The minimalistic approach plays backdrop to its centrepiece- the showcase kitchen, where the meticulous preparation of the team takes place, and boasts a spectacle of culinary techniques.
With an emphasis on grill preparation, the luscious appeal of flame charred cuisine ignites the senses and enhances the dining experience.
The Open Grill shall pride itself as the perfect venue for food enthusiasts seeking refreshing tastes, yet hoping to do away with the highbrow-ed hassle characterized by modern fusion cuisine. With hearty portions from a selection of the finest ingredients, it is truly a wholesome and down-to-earth experience that leaves the restaurant’s exposition to the honesty of its delightful culinary offerings.
PSA Food Court @ Pasir Panjang
Food Sense Pte Ltd has been operating as the sole operator for 2 food courts. Spanning more than 6,000 square feet in area, the air-conditioned premise services some 8,000 patrons on a daily basis, around the clock. The clientele base consists of transiting sailors, sea crews as well as the staff contractors of PSA.
The canteen is located in the main office building which also functions as transit interchange for the various sections of the port. To remain attractive to the large pool of patrons,it provides a variety of offering which cater to various dietary needs and preferences, consisting of 6 stalls and a mini-mart.
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